18 Gauge

Metal Caskets with premium quality features. Automotive paint with multiple clear coat layers. Double sealed seams with continuous waterproof welds. Reinforced interior handle backing to prevent twisting. Three-way adjustable bed with adjustable frame and mattress.One-piece rubber double sealed gasket. Professionally sewn and fitted interiors. Premium grade Velvet interiors are standard in all models. Quality control done on each casket by US trained onsite individuals following a strict guideline of quality control steps and review process.


white-diamnond-with-logo white-diamnond-with-logo sterling-carbon-with-logo ebony-with-logo _210 MONARCH -2 214 - Silver Rose, 18G, Silver Rose, Shaded Platinum, Pink Velvet Interior _215 GOING HOME 2 204 TRITON BLUE - 18 GA, MIDNIGHT BLUE, SHADED NATURAL, BRUSHED, BLUE VELVET INTERIOR 205 - Praying Hands - 18 GA, BLUE SHADED NATURAL , BRUSHED, MONARCH BLUE VELVET INTERIOR 208 - Neopolitan, 18 GA, SPRUCE BLUE, BLUE VELVET INTERIOR 209 IN GOD'S CARE - 18 GA, STORM BLUE MIX, STORM BLUE, BLUE VELVET INTERIOR 211 - MONARCH - BUTLER, 18 GA, SILVER, BRUSHED NATURAL SILVER FINISH, WHITE VELVET INTERIOR 225 -Sterling - STERLING COLD BRUSHED LIGHT GOLD- SHADED LT GOLD, BEIGE VELVET INTERIOR 226-Sterling-18-GA-STERLING-BLUE-BRUSHED-NATURAL-MONARCH-BLUE-BLUE-VELVET-INTERIOR _217 LILAC - 2 223 - Sterling, 18G, Natural Brushed Silver Shaded Ebony, White Velvet Interior 201 Carnation,18G, Antique White, Shaded Silver Rose, Pink Velvet Interior 202 - Cameo Rose 18 GA, ANTIQUE WHITE SHADED SILVER ROSE, PINK VELVET INTERIOR 206 KESSLER - 18 GA, TIFFANY GRECIAN MIX BRONZE, SHADED NATURAL , BRUSHED, BEIGE VELVET INTERIOR 221 - Sterling 18 GA, STERLING PLATINUM ROSE, SHADED SILVER ROSE, PINK VELVET INTERIOR 228 Sterling Jewelry Blue 230 Sterling Black Brushed Gold 18214Sheffield Silver 222 - Sterling , 18 GA, STERLING NATURAL BRUSHED, SHADED EBONY FINISH, WHITE VELVET INTERIOR 224 - Sterling, 18G, Natural Brushed Heritage Bronze, Almond Velvet, Interior 218 Sahara Sand 203 - Ebony , 18 GA, ROYAL EBONY, SHADED EBONY, BRUSHED, GREY VELVET INTERIOR